Best Beaches in St. Maarten

White sand beaches, turquoise waters, and endless sun draw an estimated 25 million people down to the Caribbean each year. One such island is St. Maartens, and with 37 beaches sprawling over 40 miles to choose from, its no wonder people come down to vacation and get an extra hit of vitamin D. Of those 37 beaches, some are better spots to snorkel at than others. The Caribbean is rich with with coral and wildlife, and there is no better way to see it without getting up close and personal. If heading down to St. Maartens, here are three top beaches to check out and snorkel in.

1. Baie Rouge

baierougeOne of St. Maartens most popular beaches is Baie Rouge, or Red Bay. Located on the west side of the island, it is one ff the best snorkeling sites on the island because individuals have the opportunity to snorkel through a rock arch while checking out various types of reef life. Visibility is pristine, making it easy to see all of the different fish swimming by. Then when done snorkeling, there are places on the beach where deck chairs and umbrellas can be rented out, making it all the more relaxing.

2. Little Bay

What is great about this bay is that in addition to the beach and the snorkeling individuals can participate in off the beach, there is also a separate beach and reef called the Tiki Hut about a ten minute water taxi ride away. This bay has great snorkeling because in addition to the fish, turtles, octopus, rays and eels, there are sunken artifacts to check out. There is a helicopter, small plane, three cannons from Fort Amsterdam and King Neptunes statue all sitting at the bottom, waiting to be explored.

3. Creole Rock

Maho-Beach-Resort-St-Maarten-SunsetA short ride by boat from Grand Case Beach Club, or a lengthier swim out from the beach for the more experienced swimmer, Creole Rock is a popular destination because of the variation in depth of water. It can be anywhere from zero to thirty feet so people of all different skill levels can find a way to explore. Go with a guide or fare it alone, there are multiple ways to explore everything this place has to offer. Dont expect to stay there for the whole day, the rock is a bird rookery as well and so people arent allowed up above the tide line. However, after seeing rays, school after school of colorful, and abundant plant life, the next thing will be back to the beach for some relaxation.

Come and explore, but remember that this is only the beginning There are so many more beaches to check out on the island while there, something for everyone. Lots to see, lots to do, so lets get exploring. ┬áThe best way to get the most out of your vacation is the availability to visit as many beaches you can. to do this you’ll definitely need to have your own car. You can always expect quality service with Value Car Rental here on the beautiful island of St. Maarten! Add renting a reliable car to your checklist by checking out rental St Maarten. And remember, safe travels!!